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*ANDY SARCONE ROONEY, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 10th, 1980. Guitarist, Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist who lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Currently, he is the Founder / Lead Guitarist/vocalist of the Neoclassical, power metal band Spelled Moon.

*Descendant of the famous and revolutionary, Dr. Michele Sarcone, M.D. (1731 -1797): Italian, Physician, medical writer and musical composer. Most notably, Dr. Sarcone, during the fall of 1787,in Prague, CZ, wrote for Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, the concert aria «Bella mia fiamma, addio!... Resta, oh cara!»3 concertó aria, K.528. Grew up surrounded by varied and complementary musical genres such as : Classical Music (Johann Sebastian Bach, Niccolo Paganini, Ludwig van Beethoven), Tango (Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo, Roberto Goyeneche) & Sacred Music (Gregorian Chants, Pipe Organs) At the age of 6, he started vocal lessons and as a result, soon after joined the school and church choirs.

*Discovered Rock ‘n’ Roll while listening for the first time to hard rock and heavy metal bands, such as Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, among others. This awakened a newfound passion for this style, which in time inspired so many great things. At the age of 13, he began piano lessons, and soon after, he started playing with local bands. Without knowing he was carving for himself a precise and efficient musical education. In 1995, as a singer he formed PAX, a four-member group in the style of Hard Rock; he wrote original lyrics and adapted melodies for his own songs.

A hard task to accomplish; this was an overly conservative society where rockers were neither the norm nor accepted. Later on, at the young age of 16, While he found in piano deep melodies and passages, he realized that he had always wanted to explore his passion for the electric guitar. Somehow a Gibson Les Paul reached his hands, and without ever looking back, he embarked himself towards the neoclassical world full of mythical and epic sounds and phrases that soon opened the world to the budding musician that we know today. Composing original tunes, he formed “Hysteria” in a Punk Rock style (think The Ramones); said band moved well in the local and European fanzines.

1998 - At the age of 18, in search for new horizons and the goal to reach higher levels, Sarcone Rooney, joined “Robert William Music Conservatory”, where not only he learned classical guitar, but where musical enigmas were revealed. Last but not least, there he met and befriended the distinguished and talented Delegrazzi. Delegrazzi was a well-known luthier and builder of classical guitars. Sarcone Rooney was so inspired by this encounter that he started a never ending journey into the setting and construction of this widely admired instrument. In 1999 - He forms “Wolf” (heavy metal) as a guitarist and singer; however, he ended up being dismissed by the rest of the group for playing very long solos.

Later on in 2000 – He formed a new band “Wolff” (Heavy metal/Hard rock/Power metal) as lead guitarist.In 2001 – "With a suitcase full of dreams", he moved to the United States. At the dawn of 2002- He forms a new band called “Wolff Pack” which with whom will get recognized within the local music scene in Miami and the rest of the Florida State. In 2004 – While touring California, he meets Claudio Pesavento, pianist and keyboardist for such bands as Mahogany Rush, Dokken and Jeff Beck. By march of 2005 – “Eternal Tears”, Sarcone Rooney’s first formal release goes on sale.

It is  recorded at Dan Spitz Studios (Anthrax), Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Eternal Tears attains a distribution contract that expands North and South America. In 2006 – While sharing stages with the likes of  Nicko Mc Brain (Iron Maiden) and Kamelot, amongst others, Andy Sarcone Rooney, meets drummer, Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen), with whom he later developed a personal and working relationship that culminated on the recording of the drum tracks for Sarcone Rooney’s compositions. On the same year, he meets Rob Roy, Manager for the legendary “Power Station Studios” owned by none other than the fabled producer Tony Bongiovi (Bongiovi Entertainment)

Realizing that the missing link to this journey is an epic, mythical CD, he decides to leave aside the stages in order to dedicate himself full-time to the recording studio. There he fights to eliminate limitations and barriers. By june of 2008 – Forms Spelled Moon (Neoclassical – Power Metal) – and calls Patrick Johansson to join him in for the drum section . In 2009 –Along with David Levy (Chief Engineer of Power Station) he starts writing, arranging and producing material for his record. In 2011 – Decides to exchange the East for the West Coast, so he moves to the City of “Angels and demons”, Los Angeles, California; starting his own recording studio called “Black Gates”, where not only records Spelled Moon but also helps launch and cement the dreams of other local bands and artists. He contacts and starts working with the distinguished illustrator Daniel Trajtemberg (Rata Blanca, Mario, Ian, Devenir) to do the photos,covers and graphics for Spelled Moon.

In 2012 – Meets and starts working with Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions). As an unexpected bonus, Mr. Rieckermann asks Sarcone Rooney to rework an unpublished song called “Just  one you” written by Mr. Rieckermann and recorded with the Scorpions on 1993. Sarcone Rooney, accepted, rewrote the lyrics, solos and arrangements, and gave the song a new name “Hidden in the winds” Starts to work with the famous producer, Dave Jenkins (Uli Jon Roth, Joe Lynn Turner, Matt Sorum , Heaven and earth), exploring new recording techniques, equipments and production styles.

Finally, at the dawn of 2013, the highly anticipated EP “Forsaken Spells” gets released onto the market, receiving excellent critical reviews in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world. The same year, he was invited to join the National Academy of Arts and Recording Sciences Grammy Awards, Institution to whom he joins proudly. Bass player Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, House of Lords, Impellitteri); records 2 songs with the band bringing great tasty licks to those tunes....

Mr Joe Petro (Heaven and Earth / Randy Piper (W.A.S.P)) , on Bass took care of the 6 remaining tracks, bringing to the band, eccentric tones with his many 8 Strings Bass Guitars. Jimmy Ledezma (AL-Dimeola / Lalo Schriffin), plays percussions for the song "Sorceress The Fiery Dragon". Now in the city of Sins. Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Desert Winds brought, Mr Rooney, to finish this adventure called "Craft Of The Wise." With 11 songs screaming throughout this Full Length Album.

Playing Percussions in "Selene The Vampire," a great friend of SM, the renowned Argentinean Drummer from the band Rata Blanca, Fernando Scarcella, who brings all his magic and talent to this song.  Veronica Cavallaro Joins The Team becoming the President of the "Moonless Midnight" Fan-club / Public Relations & Media Director for the South American and the Spanish Territories.

Working With with the renonwed Shawn Klinger from KLINGER CUSTOM PEDALS The "Fallen Angel" ASR (Andy S Rooney) Signature  Distortion / Booster Pedal Comes out Bringing Sublime Harmonics and tonal features to Andy's Music. Andy is currently working with Daniel Rippee from RIPPEE GUITARS on his signature "The Forest Witch" Guitar that will be rocking out later this year….  "Craft of the Wise" will be mixed at one of the most prestigious Studios on this planet, Mecca for Power Metal and Rock N'Roll in Helsinki Finland at FINNVOX Studios by Aki Sihvonen for Mixing and Mikka Jussila for the Mastering.

With a whole team and a strategy, SPELLED MOON keeps writing chapters for this story, Planning for the full length album to be released really soon. At the witching hour in times of sorcery we gather, under the light of a SPELLED MOON...

Lost in time Andy Sarcone Rooney keeps writing the chapters for this story;

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* Clayton USA .            Guitar Picks.

* DR Strings.                Guitar Strings.

* Affliction                     Clothing.

* Rippee Guitars.         Signature Model Guitar.

* Klinger Pedals.          Signature Model Pedals.

-Book of Wispers - Solo Project-

"Requiem of Solitude " Andy Sarcone Rooney ´s Book of Wispers

Video presentación de un trabajo nuevo de Andy Sarcone Rooney , es un adelanto, para que lo disfruten, esta pieza forma parte de un próximo Álbum Solista de Andy, que se llama " Book of Wispers" ( Libro de Suspiros) , el cual se compondrá de una serie de reversiones, basadas en piezas de grandes maestros clásicos, en este caso les dejo: Concierto de Paganini, para todos aquellos que aman la Música Clásica….Video Presentation by Arte Digital Ashtar Art Design., Veronica Cavallaro, Moonless Midnight Spelled Moon Fan Club and Logo by Danker, Daniel Trajtemberg, DR STRINGS, Clayton USA, AFFLICTION, Rippee Custom Guitars….